Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yeyo – Unisex Yeyo x Mic Album

RATING: 3.8/5 I really dig this album. Yeyo has a really sexy voice. If you like the female rapper "RIMI" you will like her too. My favorite songs off this album is "My Sex" and "Jerking," including "You are Sorry." If you are a lover for Hip-Hop and some good rapping, I would recommend you download this album. Not to mention shes pretty cute ;D

Title: Unisex Yeyo x Mic Album
Artist: Yeyo
Genre: Rap Hip-hop
File Size: 76MB

01. The Beginning
02. Rated 19 (Performed by 홍대 불쏘시개)
03. My Sex
04. jerKING (Original Ver.) (Feat. Bliss-J)
05. 친애하는 프로듀서님께
06. 112마디의 프리스타일
07. 할만해 (Feat. Nappy J, Bliss-J, E.via, Naanda)
08. Unfriend
09. 그 남자의 비디오 (You Are Sorry) (Feat. Tenor 조용훈)
10. 그 남자의 메시지 (Performed by 홍대 불쏘시개)
11. 그 남자가 전화 건 이유 (Feat. AK4 for AK Fookers)
12. R아서 P해
13. C YA (Feat. Stacy Oh)
14. Stop The Music
15. jerKING (Radio Edit Ver.) (Feat. Bliss-J)
16. 그 남자의 비디오 (You Are Sorry) (Inst.)
17. Unfriend (Inst.)
18. 그 남자가 전화건 이유 (Inst.)



  1. This has nothing to do with ur blog post, i just wanted to stop bye i guess and say hi and i hope everything is going well for you. :) I love your vids, i think you are so fuckinn funny haha but yeah. i tried google searching random things from your blog to try to help yah out, hopefully it does lol

  2. plis reupload: http://queerion.blogspot.com/2010/09/yeyo-unisex-yeyo-x-mic-album.html