Friday, August 14, 2009


E.VIA IS JUST AWESOME. She raps heck-a fast and HECKA cute! Discover some badass talent by downloading this album! N purchase it to support her!! I just love it so much! BTW, WARNING: there is loads of cuss words in english and korean~! THEY CUSS IN KOREAN SO MUCH.. =_='' so i dont know if its good for kids to listen..but yeah :) CHECK IT OUT!!


01 - e_Station Live FM 88.7 : Intro (MC.Stacy Oh)
02 - 해도돼? (Skit)
03 - 오빠! Rap 해도돼? (Radio Edit Ver.) (Feat. VASCO, 지구인 of 방사능 )
04 - 일기장 (Motiphie Edition.) (Feat. SORI)
05 - 너무 피곤해 (Feat. UMJI )
06 - 2nd (Feat. Feat. Kjun, Steady Sketch A of Fantastik Dos)
07 - e_Station Live FM 88.7 : 언더그라운드 랩퍼 (MC.최음제)
08 - Hey! (Original Ver.) (Feat. Double Trouble- Basick & Innovator )
09 - 과연 그럴까? (Feat. UMC, Tequila Addicted)
10 - e_Station Live FM 88.7 : 그게 바로 인생의 진리지 (Skit) (MC.최음제)
11 - 손발이 오글오글
12 - 오빠! 나 해도돼? (XXX Version) (Feat. Feat.VASCO, 지구인 of 방사능)
13 - Hey! (방송심의통과를 위한 Ver.) (Feat. Double Trouble- Basick & Innovator)
14 - 일기장 (90\'s POP Edition.) (Feat. SORI)
15 - 1/10



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  2. oh danggggg she's good D:!!! i think i'm totally love'n thissss<3

  3. yaaaw!!
    Just passing to tell you that I've added your chubby bunny challenge video. if you don't care, of course ^^

  4. At first I didnt liked it much :s. I really trust your tastes xD, I started to ear korean music cause of you and your youtube videos(I've been seeing your vids for over a year or more..I'm your biggest fan xD(not the stawlker type O_O)), like Epik High(favoutite!), wonder girls..., and then when I started to ear E.via and I got disappointed D:. BUT! After that I started to ear more and more, and now its an addiction! My favourite tracks are 14, 13 and 4. Though I dont have a clue of whatever she's saying I really like her :3. Thanks :D

    Ps: I'm sorry about Robin :S, he was a really cute hamster :)

  5. Well thanks for checking out "who?" lol :3